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Implementation and On-going Support

PMC offers a complete set of implementation services to help your success with manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain productivity solutions. 

1. Implementation planning

These projects typically follow assessment and roadmap, software sales, and training services. The outcome of these projects includes solution architecture, scope and analysis, project plan, and performance metrics. They may take anywhere from 5 to 10 days depending on scope.

2. Jumpstart projects

These projects are typically the first implementation in the headquarters or a customer selected location. They are limited by scope, business process, software modules, configuration, or other criteria. The outcome of a jumpstart project is a rapid solution delivery that is up and running within 6-8 weeks. We leverage pre-configured templates and our industry-specific subject matter experts to deliver quick results. We train the super user(s) so that they can educate and prepare other locations for the full-scale implementation.

3. Full-Scale enterprise-wide implementations

These projects involve all locations where the solution will be implemented. They involve data migration, customization, integration, performance and scalability, and security aspects. We train the trainers as well as the users in all locations. Depending on the company and scope, full-scale implementations may involve various roles from PMC such as a senior project manager, subject matter experts(SME), software engineers, systems engineers or analysts, and IT specialists. These projects may take anywhere from 3-18 months.

4. On-going support and mentoring

The services help achieve the projected benefits of productivity solutions and enable continuous improvement. One of the specific benefits of engaging PMC for on-going support and mentoring is that clients learn about useful tips, software tricks, and upcoming releases. Another benefit is to augment the existing technical staff with subject matter experts during peak times without having to hire full-time equivalents.

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