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Building Design and Pedestrian Flow Simulation

Understanding and evaluating the flow of pedestrians, whether they are passengers, patients or patrons, is the key to assessing the performance of a building design.  Simulation has proved to be a valuable analytical tool for achieving this goal. It enables a quantitative assessment for stakeholders through crucial periods such as:pedestrial flow simulation

  • Design Stage (for Architects): Analyze the proposed design(s) so that it can be optimized based on the expected demand levels and space is utilized to greatest extent, utilizing a data-driven design approach.
  • Reconstruction/Expansion Efforts (for Construction Firms): Understand the impact of the project and help determine the best plan to alleviate its effect on the daily operations and flows.
  • Modifications to Existing Operations (for Building Operators): Quantify the effects of planned changes (demand increase, etc.), test alternative methods to improve bottleneck areas, or test to understand the limits of the system or its components.

Additional benefits also include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the interactions of pedestrians, agents (attendants, kiosks, etc.), processes and the impact of variation
  • Testing different alternatives and enabling data-driven decision making
  • Providing animation in order to help decision makers visualize the problem areas
  • Developing or testing evacuation plans.

Applicable Structures to Simulate:

  • Health Facilities - Hospitals, Clinics
  • Commercial Buildings -  Offices, Hotels
  • Transportation Terminal Buildings - Airports, Train Terminals, Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Sports and Entertainment Buildings - Convention Centers, Sports Arenas, Stadiums 
  • Shopping Malls
  • Bus Terminals

PMC’s services can be offered using Pedestrian Dynamics simulation software. Software selection is finalized based on project and client needs.

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