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Demand Planning

Realistic demand projection drives better planning. Inaccurate forecasts, either too high or too low, adversely affect the bottom line. Lower than actual forecasts result in shortages and lost sales; whereas higher than actual forecasts result in excess inventory.

Achieving a holistic demand plan across all relevant organizations enables superior overall supply chain efficiency. In today's dynamic business environment, simple statistical forecasting delivers insufficient precision. Incorporating business intelligence in the forecast is essential to generating better demand plans.

PMC's long standing experience in demand planning and its demand planning solutions provide the following features and benefits:


  • Forecast accuracy: Utilizes cutting edge statistical methods for statistical forecasting, with optimal method selection and parameterization capabilities
  • On-the-fly aggregation/disaggregation: Enhances forecasting accuracy using aggregated forecasts as well as providing disaggregation capability
  • What if" capability: Supports multiple demand plan scenarios with side-by-side comparison
  • Flexible override capability: Features fully customizable forecast override ability, with audit capability to allow better managing of demand components


  • Improves accuracy in demand projection, providing realistic planning and reduced inventory
  • Identifies trend changes in the market place, and reacts quickly with dynamic planning features
  • Reduces stock-outs, increases sales, and improves customer service level
  • Provides a common demand plan across multiple organizations

PMC provides software and services with off-the-shelf Demand Planning products like Solvoyo. For detailed product information, on-line demo or presentation, contact PMC.

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