Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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The need to do more with less is a universal goal.  Saving money and applying intelligent solutions to improve productivity are a necessity.

I know your wish list includes enhanced and expanded yield, getting a handle on costs, and basically rising above the competition!  That is precisely why you should join in this webinar to see the different ways PMC can help you find that hidden gem in your workplace - analyzing what’s really going on and how to make it work better. Topics covered will include material handling, warehousing, laser scanning, 2D and 3D layouts, time studies, and simulation.  

Whether you’re in manufacturing, architecture, healthcare, retail, banking, the food industry or nearly any other business, PMC has cost-effective solutions to help your organization become more dynamic and resourceful. 

If you would prefer to schedule a personal assessment of your department or organization, contact us direct at 313-441-4460.


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