Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Discrete-event simulation tools such as Siemens PLM Software’s Plant Simulation help you to create digital twins (models) of your facilities… including manufacturing plants, hospitals, shipyards, packaging, etc. The models simulate the behavior of the actual facility, either planned or existing. Like the way what-if games in a spreadsheet let you optimize your finances, the models let you run what-if scenarios to analyze and optimize your facilities.  Discussion will include:

  •  Modeling workstations, lines, and plants
  •  Flat vs. Hierarchical modeling
  •  Identify Bottlenecks
  •  Break Bottlenecks
  •  Run automated Experiments (what-if scenarios)
  •  Use Hierarchical modeling to easily change the focus of optimizations from standalone mode (one line, one plant, etc.) to   Enterprise mode (Plant to Plant, etc.)

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