Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Simulation Libraries and new features enable you to create realistic simulation models of complex operations fast and efficiently. This webinar will highlight features that are not commonly found in discrete-event simulations tools, including:

  • Energy objects enable you to simulate, analyze and optimize energy consumption based on the accuracy discrete-event simulation offers
  • VSM objects let you create a simulation with the look of a Value Stream Map
  • Virtual Commissioning objects can improve the accuracy of your simulations and ensure PLC control Logic programming is correct.
  • Fluid objects enable you to simulate Food and Beverage facilities without an add-on library
  • New Worker options enable you to simulate workers carrying objects, walking along footpaths, walking freely within an area and other sophisticated options not commonly available
  • Production related material handling objects can speed up the modeling and improve the accuracy and visualization of factory floor material handling objects that are often “Black Boxed”

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