Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an asset, building or environmentthat not only represents the geometry but the interactions, process and systems that allow it to function. This includes relationships between people,places and devices.

Digital Twins are not a new concept – they have been used for over 60 years, slowly evolving from physical twins used to test space craft into the fully digital versions they are becoming today. We are now at an inection point where the availability of IoT sensors and the intelligent edge make it possible to harness multiple real-time time data feeds to help gather insight and make evidence-based decisions. Combined with articial intelligence and digital dashboards asset managers can now move from reactive operations to predictive and proactive running of complex facilities.

Building a solid foundation

Any push towards Digital Twin workflows must start with a solid foundation. Garbage in, garbage out after all. PMC has been developing highly accurate digital twins for over 20 years. With our laser scanning and modeling groups we have constructed highly accurate base models that sit as the cornerstone of many successful digital twin deployments.

Building on the foundation

Beyond the model foundation PMC can support dozens of other digital twin initiatives. Starting on-site, we can collect volumes of extended data. Serial numbers, maintenance records, construction details, even condition assessments can be conducted to build up a true data-based digital twin.

Extend the Digital Twin with IoT integration

Once the twin is built and the data indexed, the digital twin can begin connecting to the building’s devices and integrate Building Automation Systems (BAS) to enable sensors’ data tracking within the digital twin. Track systems’ performance and adjust them by reviewing individual elements’ data.

Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin

One of the most exciting parts of digital twins is connecting them to the industry 4.0 revolution. With over 40 years of industrial solutions experience PMC has the expertise to see your industry 4.0 project through to completion.

Go even farther with Data Analytics

With a respected team of data scientists, PMC can take your digital twin project to an entirely different level. Seemingly out-of-reach goals like predictive maintenance can now be a reality.