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What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the reproduction of a physical product following detailed examination of its construction or composition through scans of the part itself.


Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning

Reverse engineering is the process of constructing a CAD model from the original creator's thought process. The purpose of reverse engineering is to produce a very high-quality surface. When coupled with 3D scanning, reverse engineering shows whether a part is balanced, whether a 'flat' face is perfectly flat or a 'round' hole is flawlessly round, and whether the resulting model matches up seamlessly with any related models. 3D scanning technology also makes it easier to generate feature-created models and accurately dimensioned 2D CAD designs. This differentiates the process from built as-modeling, where a CAD operator purposely drafts a model to reflect any defects of the part that is under study.

What can you do with a Reverse Engineering model?

With the creation of the high-quality models from the reverse engineering process, the models can be used in many ways:
  • Machining and molding
  • 3D printing changes to the design
  • Animations and 3D graphics
  • Comparison to other parts and scans
  • Designs to help create mating parts or packaging
  • 2D drawings that can be sent out of the country for manufacturing instead of sending the part

More examples of Reverse Engineering

Interested in Reverse Engineering services?

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Customer Feedback

“PMC has been instrumental in implementing 3d within our company…They made it possible for us to …jump ahead with our customers – ahead of all of our competitors.”       
- Major Material Handling Company, Projects Engineering Manager

“It is this kind of support that our company needed to help make this project a success and that will keep us coming back to PMC in the future.”
- Major Appliance Manufacturer, Director of Operations

“By constructing a graphic model, we were able to visualize patient traffic, and determine several operational conditions.”
 - Global EPCM firm,Business Leader, Health Care Studio

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