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Value Stream Mapping

What is Value Stream Mapping?

A Value Stream is the set of all actions (both value added and non-value added) in place to bring a specific product or service from raw material through to the customer. Value Stream Mapping is used for analyzing flows of materials and information across business processes.

Why Hire PMC for Value Stream Mapping Services?

PMC has guided hundreds of organizations through the "lean transformation" using Value Stream Mapping. What makes PMC  unique is the in-depth expertise of its consulting staff in related methods like six sigma and process simulation and its proven track record in productivity and quality improvement.

Starting with manufacturing, PMC has expanded the application of its value stream mapping and time-tested process improvement methodology to supply chain, product development, and service processes.

PMC's can provide its value stream mapping services using process modeling and analysis tools such as IGrafx, Process Simulator, and others.

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