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Plant Simulation With Tecnomatix

This video provides a short Introduction to how PMC and Tecnomatix Plant Simulation can help you to optimize your processes. Plant Simulation provides executives, managers and engineers with valuable insight into the processes that drive production throughput. It enables you to develop multiple production scenarios quickly and analyze them for bottlenecks, efficiency, and throughput potential.

Plant Simulation Benefits include: 

  • Detect and eliminate problems that require time-consuming and cost-intensive measures
  • Increase planning accuracy and efficiency while minimizing capital investment
  • Optimize logistics and performance with increased Return On Investment in multiple variant situations


Plant Simulation Workflow

  • A Plant Simulation Study starts with an existing or planned facility.
  • Plant Simulation allows you to develop digital models that represent the logistics of your production environment including material flow, resource utilization and logistics at all levels of the planning process.
  • Finally, results from simulation runs provide the information necessary to analyze your facility and optimize  by playing one or more rounds of what-if games with the model until your Lean Manufacturing goals are met without costly disruption of existing production environments.

Key Features of Plant Simulation

  • Object Oriented Architecture that lets you create your own re-usable objects and save them in libraries that you can easily share with others…. A real time saver!
  • Hierarchy lets you structure your models and supports complex environments from Top-Down and Bottom-Up.
  • Inheritance helps you to quickly create reliable and error-free models that are easier to maintain.

Analysis Tools include:

  • The Bottleneck Analyzer that lets you quickly pinpoint the main bottlenecks… No external statistical analysis is required
  • Sankey Diagrams let you visualize material flow at the touch of a button… for quick identification of transportation or logistical problems.
  • Gantt Charts let you view resource utilization over time… This is especially useful in online simulation systems showing the flow of real current orders through a plant. 


Visualization Options include:

  • 2D which provides fast, icon-based, goal-oriented representations of your digital models. System status, such as machine malfunctions or blockages, are displayed automatically.

  • CAD Import allows the placement and sizing of simulation objects exactly as they appear on the CAD layout.

  • 3D is an option that can improve communication… especially if you have a wide-spread audience that includes upper management, suppliers and shop-floor workers.. It can even be used as a “sales tool,” in the case of engineering consulting firms or line builders, to show prospective customers what their production environment will look like and how it will operate.

 Powerful tools like the Experiment Manager and Genetic Algorithms automate the cyclical rounds of what-if experiments to help you to optimize your facility to achieve your Lean Manufacturing goals. A Sequencing Wizard is also available to help drive towards better balancing of the overall production line (line-balancing).

Optimize Your Processes with Plant Simulation

  • Minimize Labor
  • Maximize Throughput
  • Optimize Scheduling
  • Minimize Buffers
  • Minimize Inventory

For detailed product information, presentation, price quote, or training for Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, contact PMC.

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Customer Quotes

“Quality Award presented to Production Modeling Corporation for Distinguished Achievements toward Customer Satisfaction as a member of the Plant Simulation Team.”      
North American Automotive OEM

“This is just a quick letter to let you know how personally pleased I am with the results of our recent project.  [PMC engineer] provided us with a first rate model that was an important part of [our company] receiving a large Purchase Order from [a major automotive OEM] to build the project that had been modeled.”
World-wide supplier of Assembly and Test Equipment, Proposal Manager

“They’ve been with us every step of the design phase, making sure we know how to use the product efficiently and how to get what we need out of the product.”      
Major Material Handling Company,  Projects Engineering Manager

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