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Factory Design Lifecycle With Tecnomatix

3D Factory design if done correctly allows for the interaction of product, equipment and plant design to interact with one another during all aspects of the engineering design process.  It also allows for your field personnel to have early bi-in of the designs prior to installation or construction.

When it comes to product and equipment design they are usually very heavy and require large expensive computer platforms to be used, thus making the designs too heavy to be used in a layout environment.  FactoryCAD JT allows us to reduce the file sizes and imbed the product and equipment designs directly into the 3D layouts. Once your 3D layouts have everything embedded in them we can now start our engineering and design reviews utilizing TeamCenter visualization. 


Key Benefits

  • This product allows us to conduct collaborative, interactive, real time design reviews with the utilization of collision detection in the plant environment no matter where you sit in the world.
  • It enables for interferences before any work is performed in the field. Technology has the ability to link all of our computers together so our engineering design reviews now become collaborative, visual, and comprehensive in a real time setting. 
  • If the 3D models are efficient and the collision detection is run the design reviews are conducted and all of your open items are closed, your drawings will become complete, accurate and timely and most important error free. Keep in mind that all your drawings will be created off of your 3D models.

For detailed product information, presentation, price quote, or training for Tecnomatix Factory Design products, contact PMC.

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