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Supply Chain Guru is a unique software application that was developed to provide you with unprecedented capabilities to model, analyze, and optimize your supply chain network design. Network Optimization is a proven technology that evaluates millions of possible network configurations, and finds the most profitable structure that meets your constraints.

Network Simulation is a powerful approach to evaluating inventory, sourcing, transportation and production planning. Network simulation predicts financial metrics, inventory levels over time, customer services rates, individual order fill times, availability rates and many other performance measures.

The power of optimization plus simulation together is greater than the sum of the parts!

Supply Chain Guru uses a single data model. You only need to model the supply chain once, and then apply simulation or optimization as you need to solve your problem.

However, the real power of simulation and optimization together is in the combined approach. With Supply Chain Guru, you can tackle strategic planning projects that are currently either impossible, or take too long to be feasible. A typical supply chain strategic planning project takes a lot of model building effort, often 80% of the project is spent on model building, leaving only 20% on analysis.

Guru automatically builds the simulation and optimization models for you. Model building and data input in Guru lets you spend 20% on model building, and 80% on analysis, where the real value and benefits are to be achieved.

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