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Supply Chain Simulation

Supply Chain Simulation enables strategic planning and decision making using discrete event simulation methods. 

Customers, products, sites, transportation modes can be defined using supply chain specific modeling constructs. Customized business logic, objects, and rules can be defined to capture the dynamics and real-world supply chain behavior. Business policies for inventory, sourcing, transportation, and production processes can be modeled.

Applications include Supply Chain Network Design, Demand Planning, Production Capacity Planning, Inventory Optimization, Transportation Modeling and Warehouse operations.

Benefits of PMC's supply chain simulation products and services include:
  • Create realistic supply chain models capturing systems dynamics, resource constraints, and risk 
  • Simulate as-is and to-be network designs
  • Analyze performance metrics such as service level, cost, inventory level, and cycle time
  • Visualize your supply chain in action
  • Evaluate routing strategies and test new strategies to predict actual costs and service levels
  • Optimize supply chain performance

PMC provides simulation consulting, training, and support services with major supply chain simulation products such as Arena, AutoMod, ExtendSim, ProModel, Supply Chain Guru, Simul8, SolvoyoTecnomatix Plant Simulation, and Witness.

Contact PMC for training, a free demonstration, or consulting in Supply Chain Simulation software products.

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Customer Quotes

"This is just a quick letter to let you know how personally pleased I am with the results of our recent project.”
- World-wide supplier of Assembly and Test Equipment Proposal Manager           

“[PMC engineers] did an outstanding job of understanding our work processes and developing a simulation model that provided very useful output.”
- Major Automotive OEM Business Process Consultant

“They've been with us every step of the design phase, making sure we know how to use the product efficiently and how to get what we need out of the product.”
- Major Material Handling Company, Projects Engineering Manager

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