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Robotic Simulation

Robotics Simulation Software is used for 3D modeling and rendering of a robot and its environment. 

Robotics simulation software has a simulator that is a virtual robot, which is capable of emulating the motion of an actual robot in a real work envelope. The simulator allows for robotics programs to be conveniently written and de-bugged off-line with the final version of the program tested on an actual robot.

PMC sells and uses state of the art 3d graphic engineering software to simulate industrial robots, humans, workcells, and kinematic systems. These simulations provide engineering concept analysis and layout design prior to purchase and installation.

Applications include robotic workcell simulation, robotic wafer handling simulation, welding, laser cutting or paint robot simulation, inspection robot simulation, and packaging robot simulation.

Ergonomic Simulators, much like robot simulators, enable users to position biomechanically accurate digital humans of various sizes in virtual environments, assign them tasks and analyze their performance. Ergonomic Simulation tools help organizations in various industries to improve the ergonomics of product designs and refine workplace tasks and layouts,

Robotic workcell simulation helps to analyze and optimize:

  • Cycle time ergonomic simulation
  • Placement
  • Control sequence
  • Mechanical Motion 
  • Integration of components
Robotic workcell simulation also helps to detect collisions and other special interactions.

PMC provides sales, simulation consulting, training, and support services with major robotic and ergonomic simulation software tools such as AutoMod, Tecnomatix Process Simulate Robotic, Robcad,
Tecnomatix Process Designer and Tecnomatix Jack.

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Customer Quotes

“The support and guidance we received [from PMC Process Simulation Team] was nothing short of exemplary throughout the entire project.  It is this kind of support that our company needed to help make this project a success and that will keep us coming back to PMC in the future.”      
Major Appliance Manufacturer, Director of Operations

“PMC has been pushing the envelope for us.  They’ve been at the forefront of the technology that’s coming out.  They’re current with all the new technologies, and they’ve been letting us know when new things come around…How we can us it, how to integrate it with our systems.  They’ve been a real partner in this process.”      
Major Material Handling Company, Projects Engineering Manager

“Your Engineers have played integral roles in helping us to achieve the success we have realized throughout this program.”      
North America Automotive OEM, Senior Operations Manager

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