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Product simulation, commonly referred to as "digital prototyping" goes beyond simply creating product designs in 3D.

Increased integration of simulation tools with digital engineering suites for CAD, CAM and CAE now enables industrial designers and engineers to virtually create and test the product before it’s built.

Production simulation gives product development teams a way to assess the operation of moving parts, to determine whether or not the product will fail, and see how the various product components interact with subsystems. By simulating and validating the real-world performance of a product design digitally, manufacturers can reduce the number of physical prototypes they need to create before a product can be manufactured, reducing the cost and time needed for physical prototyping.

Product simulation solutions can function across the extended enterprise in a multi-CAD environment. Capabilities include solutions for managing simulation data and processing and ensuring that simulation results are made part of the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.

Use of product simulation in the earlier concept and design stages of the product lifecycle, provides significant benefits. They include:

  • reduced product development cost
  • digital prototyping
  • shorter time to market,
  • higher product performance
  • improved product quality
PMC provides sales, simulation consulting, training, and support services with leading product simulation software such as Autodesk Inventor , and Siemens NX.

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Customer Quotes

"I want to compliment your organization on the caliber of work done by PMC in developing the  . . . Simulation model for [our company].  [PMC engineers] did an outstanding job of understanding our work processes and developing a simulation model that provided very useful output."  
- Major Automotive OEM, Business Process Consultant

"They’ve been with us every step of the design phase, making sure we know how to use the product efficiently and how to get what we need out of the product... They made it possible for us to …jump ahead with our customers – ahead of all of our competitors."
- Major Material Handling Company, Projects Engineering Manager

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