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Process Simulation

Process simulation software enables development of models for a better representation of real processes to improve process performance, reduce cost, and minimize risk before making changes. 

Process simulators provide tools for describing the subprocesses and activities in terms of flows, processing times, business rules, resources, and constraints. 

These tools allow for simulation and visualization of the process and facilitate evaluation "what if" scenarios with the model to find optimal conditions through an iterative process. 

Applications include:  Business Process Simulation, Enterprise Simulation, Chemical Process Simulation,                                                and Wafer Fabrication Simulation.

Benefits of PMC's process simulation products and services include:

  • Realistic process models capturing process variability and resource contention
  • Simulate both as-is and to-be processes
  • Analyze performance metrics such as cycle time, throughput, and resource utilization
  • Visualize your process in action
  • Communicate the impact of changes to process owners and IT resources
  • Optimize process performance

PMC provides simulation consulting, training, and support services with major process simulation products such as AutoMod, Arena, ExtendSim, Process Simulator, SimioTecnomatix Plant Simulation, and others.

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Customer Quotes

"PMC has been instrumental in implementing 3D within our company…They made it possible for us to … jump ahead with our customers – ahead of all of our competitors . . .  They’re current with all the new technologies, and they've been letting us know when new things come around…How we can use it, how to integrate it with our systems . . .  [PMC makes]  sure we know how to use the product efficiently and how to get what we need out of the product.”   
- Major Material Handling Company, Projects Engineering Manager

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