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ExtendSim® is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use simulation software modeling product available in several versions.  ExtendSim® CP [“Continuous Process”] is the base product, which has a set of core features plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes such as oil refining, chemical synthesis, ore smelting, and water purification.  ExtendSim® OR [“Operations Research”] supports discrete-event process simulation, a powerful method of implementing continuous improvement of all queuing systems, such as those found in vehicle and appliance manufacturing, provision of health care in clinics and hospitals, and providing services in economic sectors such as banks, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks.  ExtendSim® AT [“Advanced Technology”] models batch systems for use in applications such as beverage bottling, cereal packaging, and chemical processing.  The ExtendSim® Suite provides three-dimensional animation capability to ExtendSim® AT.

ExtendSim® is designed for ease of learning and use, with features and strengths such as:

  • A building-block design with explicit and intuitive provisions for defining flow of entities, signals, input parameters, and output statistics
  • Convenient linkage to Microsoft Excel® workbooks and relational databases such as Microsoft Access®
  • Support for a large selection of random probability distributions, both discrete and continuous, such as lognormal, Johnson, Pearson, Erlang, beta, uniform (real or integer), and Poisson.
  • Comprehensive statistical summary reports, available at a mouse-click and exportable to statistical analysis software tools
  • Modular and hierarchical structure supportive of construction and reuse of modeling modules.

ExtendSim® is available in both single-user and concurrent-user licensing configurations.  Expert training, both introductory and advanced, is available on request.

For detailed product information, free trial version, on-line demo or presentation, contact PMC.

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