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Preactor Advanced Scheduling Software

Preactor's Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software optimizes production and logistics, boosts productivity, and drives costs down.

The current trends in manufacturing are towards lowering inventory levels to reduce costs while still being able to respond to shorter lead times to satisfy customer demand.  Preactor offers a family of applications ranging from mid and long term capacity planning to detailed scheduling and is translated into 30 languages.



Preactor can be utilized in a wide range of industries and businesses, including:

•   Automotive and Aerospace
•   Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
•   Electrical Equipment and Machinery
•   Food, Beverages, and Tobacco
•   Glass and Ceramics
•   Machinery and Equipment
•   Metals and Metal Fabrication
•   Paper, Publishing, and Printing
•   Precision Engineers
•   Rubber, Plastics, and Leather Products
•   Textiles and Textile Products
•   Transport, Logistics, and Services
•   Wood and Furniture Products
 An overview of Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software 


Advanced planning and scheduling software ensures better On-Time, In-Full (OTIF), delivery performance by quickly and dynamically scheduling and re-scheduling production orders to take into account not only real-world capacity limits, but unexpected events that occur.


Preactor Features:


•   Finite/Infinite resources, calendar states, efficiencies, and templates
•   Forward, backward, and bi-directional sequencing by order-attribute
•   Graphical and textual reports
•   Sequences for manual and interactive breakdowns, and planned maintenance
•   Parallel operations in process route
•   Schedule Comparison Tables
•   Unlimited Data for number of operations, resources, and products
•   And much more!
  What's new in Preactor


A key element of Preactor is that solutions can be installed straight out of the box but can also be customized and configured where necessary and without disturbing the core Preactor code, an important issue when it comes to future releases and technical support.

Preactor is also designed for integration with other software such as:

•   ERP
•   MES

                 •   Data Collection


•   Forecasting
          •   Demand Planning

         •   OEE Applications


Production scheduling aims to maximize the efficiency of the operation and reduce costs. 

Preactor is the hottest technology available for generating optimized schedules. In-memory data ensures that multiple schedules can be generated in very short time frames to provide the planner with the information required to make the right decisions in a fluid production environment.

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Customer Feedback


“We have estimated that the additional ladle per day delivered by Preactor, results in an extra US$ 70 million per year on our annual revenue. In addition with the new system of synchronization the company has obtained a significant improvement due to faster and better decision making on staff allocation and planned maintenance cycles.”      
- Steel Provider, Operations Manager

“Significant time can be saved by getting a smooth flow of product through each line. As many products have similar packaging requirements, sequencing these correctly minimises the changes to any line which can cut changeover times dramatically. In a similar way, some products do not present a cross contamination risk so it’s important we identify these and factor this in too.”  
- Pharmacuticals Manufacturer, Director

“Despite the difficulties in the beginning, like the work to improve our SAP data quality, after only 3 months after the system went live, we have realized just how powerful the solution is. The results achieved in such a time were higher than we expected. The APS solution delivered a significant stock reduction of more then 20% on average across all products”.      
- Global Parts Supplier, Materials Analyst for North American Division

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