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PMC's Simulation Software Partners include: 

AnyLogic® is the first and only tool that allows you to model in three major paradigms: Agent Based Modeling, Discrete event Modeling and  System Dynamics, all within one modeling language and one model development environment. From supply chain and logistics to manufacturing and market analysis, all business areas are utilizing AnyLogic simulation software for better decision making throughout the entire business lifecycle. Using one tool for all business challenges enables organizations to save time and money, increase knowledge sharing, and link models across multiple departments.

Applied Materials is the leading developer of simulation and modeling software that is widely used in many of the world's most complex and demanding manufacturing environments.  Their solutions include AutoMod, AutoSched AP, and ToolSim. Each of these products has a specific orientation to a particular class of systems. AutoMod is designed for detailed analysis of operations. Although mainly used in manufacturing and material handling systems analysis, AutoMod's flexible architecture allows it to be used in a wide range of application areas, from airports to semiconductor fabs.


Rockwell Automation provides the powerful Arena Simulation software. Through a combination of process simulation and optimization technologies, Arena simulation software helps demonstrate, predict, and measure system performance, as well as test drive new business rules and scenarios. The effectiveness and efficiency of new strategies in a controlled environment under varying conditions and decision criteria can be verified before implementation on "live" operations or customers.


Autodesk is transforming product lifecycle management with an affordable, easy-to-use, and simple-to-deploy PLM solution that makes the benefits of PLM available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Autodesk® PLM 360 is a total PLM solution for the entire enterprise and includes engineering, business process management (BPM), program and project management, new product introduction (NPI), and quality and compliance capabilities. For companies of any size, Autodesk PLM 360 helps to streamline your business processes for more efficient product development, improved profitability, and higher product quality.

ExtendSim Corporation has partnered with PMC to extend the bottom-line benefits of simulation analyses to a greater number and variety of clients.  ExtendSim® is a suite of simulation software modeling tools providing support of both continuous and discrete-event simulation analyses.  Therefore, it finds application in a very wide variety of corporate milieus, including but not limited to aviation, high-volume packaging (e.g., boxing cereals or bottling beverages), appliance manufacture, oil refining and ore smelting, and queuing problems in the service and health care industries (e.g., hotels, restaurants, clinics, hospitals).  As a partner of ExtendSim, PMC provides sales, training, technical support, and modeling and analysis services to the growing community of ExtendSim® users.

INCONTROL Simulation Solutions are the developers of Enterprise Dynamics simulation software, as well as Pedestrian Dynamics and SportEvac programs. Pedestrian Dynamics is a comprehensive crowd simulation software application. It is designed for the creation and execution of large pedestrian simulation models in complex infrastructures, while SportEvac is a comprehensive security preparedness and emergency protocol design software for large venues such as stadiums or concert halls. Today Incontrol brings these products to the market under their respective brand names as comprehensive platforms of simulation tools and techniques.

Lanner, the developers of world's first visual interactive simulation software, and PMC have partnered to offer the power and flexibility of WITNESS to organizations that need advanced simulation and modeling.

LLamasoft provides software and expertise to design and modify supply chain network operations. Supply Chain Guru® is the leading supply chain strategic planning application available in the market today. It enables companies to model their supply chain operations, optimize the structure for cost and profitability, and simulate proposed changes, allowing users to implement their changes with confidence. Clients use LLamasoft’s Supply Chain Guru to identify major financial and operational improvements in transportation, inventory, sourcing, and production applications. The privately-held company, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was founded in 1998 as the first company to combine enterprise-level simulation with full-feature network and inventory optimization within a single modeling structure.

PMC partners with Siemens PLM Software, providing the powerful Plant Simulation software. Plant Simulation provides executives, managers and engineers with valuable insight into the processes that drive production throughput. It enables you to develop multiple production scenarios quickly and analyze them for bottlenecks, efficiency, and throughput potential. Plant Simulation has application libraries for warehousing, food & beverage production, value stream management and manufacturing line energy optimization to significantly reduce modeling time of such systems.


PMC has joined forces with SIMUL8 Corporation to enhance, and extend usage of, the discrete-process simulation software tool SIMUL8®. This powerful yet affordable software tool is of great value in building simulation models whose results can point the way to revenue-enhancing process redesign and improvements. Implementations of improvements unearthed by such simulation analysis have yielded six- and seven-digit cost savings and/or avoidance in industries as varied as manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, health care, and service sector. PMC provides training, consulting, and software sales services in Simul8.

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