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3D Design and Engineering

PMC provides 2D and 3D engineering drawings to assist with demolition, modification, or installation of your process, manufacturing, machining and conveyance equipment.

We utilize advanced 3d modeling techniques in conjunction with your existent "as-built" drawings, or our own drawings created utilizing traditional field measurement techniques or laser data collection

Working with your manufacturing and industrial engineers and/or tooling vendors of your choice, we can function as your CAD integrator, thereby ensuring that all entities will work together once installed in your facility. 

In conjunction with our Industrial Engineering staff or yours, we will work side-by-side to modify facility layouts to reflect the process changes made during line balancing and re-rate efforts.

     Dearborn Midwest Success Story


3d Design gives you 3d parametric-based objects for smoother, easier, and more accurate visuals of your building layout. This confers the ability to pinpoint and fix problems before they would exist in real space, saving considerable time and money.

Not limited to just building floor plans, 3d design software can also be utilized to optimize material flow, handling, logistics, and even indirect labor sources. In addition, inventory and part packaging can be effectively positioned using these methods.

      2d CAD Drawing, showing a top-down overlay of a work area
3d CAD Drawing, showing greater detail and color than would be available in a traditional 2d CAD drawing    

Benefits of 3D over 2D

•   Safer, faster, and better visualization
•   Less rework required
•   Team input – allows for decision makers to have greater control
•   Improved installation, tooling, and equipment drawing
•   Superior conveyor system design
•   Much more powerful factory layout tools

We can also help your facility increase productivity and create a leaner process. 

PMC is your one-stop CAD resource for all your plant layout needs! Contact us today for pricing and to find out how we can assist in your business endeavors.

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Customer Quotes

“PMC has been instrumental in implementing 3D within our company…They made it possible for us to …jump ahead with our customers – ahead of all of our competitors.”      
- Major Material Handling Company,  Projects Engineering Manager

“The support and guidance we received [from PMC] was nothing short of exemplary throughout the entire project.  It is this kind of support that our company needed to help make this project a success and that will keep us coming back to PMC in the future.”      
Major Appliance Manufacturer, Director of Operations

“Wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from the plant lately on how [PMC Program Manager] is handling the material warehouse transfer.  Launches are very tough and he’s keeping up with the plant demands very effectively.”      
- North America Automotive OEM, Program Launch Manager

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