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Production Modeling Corporation and INCONTROL Partner to Deliver “Best in Class” in Pedestrian Dynamics Simulation

May 13

5/13/2014 1:30 PM  RssIcon

Working to provide organizations with a uniquely visual and quantitative business improvement methodology, Production Modeling Corporation (PMC) and INCONTROL announced a strategic alliance to deliver the most powerful software and consulting solutions in Enterprise Dynamics™ and Pedestrian Dynamics™, the world’s leading building layout and people flow simulation software, and PMC’s globally recognized “best in class” cutting-edge facility design modeling solutions.

INCONTROL’s goal is to provide simulation-enabled business decision tools for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, & Construction), manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, electronics, and other industries for design and operation of their systems in the most optimal fashion.  “We are excited about strengthening our partnership with PMC to continue to bring innovative and differentiated products and solutions to the broader discrete and crowd simulation markets. PMC has been a leading provider of simulation services since 1985, with strong domain expertise and proven track record” said INCONTROL’s Vice President of North America, Azizur Rahman.

PMC's goal is to complement our clients’ business know-how with our engineering, manufacturing, business and information systems expertise, providing answers for companies challenged to steer a successful business course. “Partnering with INCONTROL, we have the opportunity to enhance our solutions to Architectural and Construction companies in the design and operation of facilities that they build such as Airports, Sports Arenas, Hospitals, Malls, large building complexes or Entertainment Centers.” said Onur Ulgen, President of PMC. “Performance metrics based on the dynamic movement of People or Pedestrians in and around a facility at the design phase of a project gives the designer, developer and owner of the facility information such as which areas of the facility will be congested, time it takes to travel from one location of the facility to another whether one uses escalators, moving walkways, stairs, and/or elevators, etc.  Detailed information such as waiting times for an elevator at different times of the day or how long it takes to evacuate a building can be very important for customer satisfaction for the owner of the facility.  Data-driven dynamic simulation such as INCONTROL’s Pedestrian Dynamics™ simulation software has built-in distinct functions that make modeling of such systems quick and easy and hence cost effective.”

PMC is a proven industry leader in productivity improvement services, software, implementation, product training and technical staffing/contracting services. PMC works closely with its clients in a spirit of partnership, trust, and cooperation, reflecting a record of surpassing customer expectations on project after project, earning PMC the acknowledgement of our clients as our "Customers for Life." More information about PMC services can be found at

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