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PMC Launches New Pedestrian Flow Simulation Service for AEC Industry

Feb 8

2/8/2012 2:00 PM  RssIcon

Dearborn, MI – February 7, 2012 - Production Modeling Corporation (PMC), a leader in data-driven productivity solutions, today announced the introduction of a new pedestrian flow simulation service. Specifically created for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, the new simulation service helps analysis of pedestrian flows in building design using modeling, simulation, and statistical analysis tools.

"Our new pedestrian pedestrian flow simulation service addresses the needs of three distinct users in the building design lifecycle.", said Onur Ulgen, PhD, the president of PMC. "We can help architects in the building design stage, construction firms in the reconstruction and expansion efforts, and building operators in modifications to existing operations. PMC has significant experience in optimizing patient flow in hospitals, material flow in factories, and container flow in transportation systems. We combined all of that experience and our deep knowledge of software tools specifically developed for pedestrian flow applications to create this new service."

One of the key benefits of the pedestrian flow simulation service is the use of animation. It helps understand the impact of variable arrival rates and service times during the interactions of pedestrians, agents (attendants, kiosks, etc.) on queuing. By visualizing the queues and bottleneck areas during peak capacity periods, decisions makers can test alternative designs and optimize pedestrian flow.  Another benefit is to evaluate situations such as emergencies and maintenance prior to building design, expansion, or re-construction.

To learn more about PMC’s new pedestrian flow simulation service, please call (313) 441-4460 or e-mail

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