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What's New in NX 8?

Sep 4

9/4/2011 6:04 PM  RssIcon

Siemens PLM presents three online webcasts to introduce the new capabilities of new NX 8 in November and December.

What's New in NX 8 Design? - November 11, 2011

NX 8 redefines your CAD productivity with powerful new tools that improve your product development decision-making, boost your design efficiency, accelerate your design process – getting product to market faster than ever before - and lower your costs. Learn more about NX 8 Design. Register now!

New capabilities include:

  • Enhanced High-definition 3D functionality
  • Enhanced Validation checking
  • Expanded Requirements validation capability
  • Modular Design for parallel work on complex parts (NX 8.0.1)
  • Streamlined freeform design workflows and new controls
  • New Assembly design constraint navigator
  • New Routed systems design tools
  • Improved capabilities in sheet metal design, and more.

What's New in NX 8 Tooling? - November 17, 2011

NX 8 tooling and fixture design delivers a state-of-the-art solution to the shrinking lead times and tighter cost controls facing manufacturers today.  The NX Tooling solutions are complete workflow automation applications for several tooling design disciplines.
Learn more about NX Tooling. Register now!

NX 8 includes major enhancements for all tooling design applications.

NX Mold Design includes several key enhancements across the whole process chain.

    • Cooling Circuit designs
    • Knowledge Reuse Library for standard parts
    • Mold Design Checkers visualize results with HD3D tools
    • Wall Thickness Checks provide analysis dynamically
    • Engineering Database improvements

NX 8 includes several important enhancements to Progressive Die Design, across the entire workflow.

    • Engineering Die workflow for Transfer and Tandem dies
    • Tooling Quick Quotation
    • PDW workflow management
    • Drafting Automation
    • Engineering Database improvements

What's new in NX 8 CAM? - December 9, 2011

Boost your part manufacturing productivity with new and enhanced capabilities for NC programming and tooling design.  NX CAM for machinery maximizes NC programming efficiency for machinery and heavy equipment components. Learn more about NX 8 CAM. Register now!

NX CAM for Machinery: Enhancements in NX 8 offer automated, context-specific functions that simplify the generation of smart tool paths for prismatic parts.
• Volume Based 2.5D Milling
• Multi-stage machining
• Multi-part setups
• Hole and boss milling
• Thread milling
• Graphical-driven programming
Key enhancements:
NX CAM includes many other important enhancements for version 8
• Convert 3- to 5-axis toolpath
• Turbomachinery milling
•  FBM (feature & operation teacher)
•  New milling tool shapes
•  Shop documentation
• Enhanced Sinumerik simulation

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