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How to eliminate the biggest time wasters for engineers

Jun 21

6/21/2011 2:04 PM  RssIcon

Trying to deal with multiple types of design files has been one of the biggest drains on a design engineer's time. Dealing with legacy data has burdened design engineers and has stifled their ability to respond quickly to product change requests. Turn things around by transitioning to a design system that easily works with virtually any type of design format.

Have you ever heard your design engineers say that they were surprised by how easy the changes were to make? The reason why you haven't is because the tools that you have provided for them don't fit the complexity involved in today's design environments and required speed to market.

Learn how to eliminate the biggest time wasters for engineers from Andrew Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Energist, manufacturer of specialized medical aesthetic equipment.

June 21, 2 PM (EST)

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